Research Insight-Compustat

Research Insight (also known as Compustat) is a financial analysis software package that allows users to create customized reports, charts, and graphs based on earnings, cash flow, ratios, and balance sheet information. Research Insight includes current and historical data on over 11,000 companies in 270 industries. Data is also available for 7,000 companies that are no longer active due to mergers, bankruptcy, or other events. Reports can be created for individual companies as well as for comparisons between multiple firms.


What does this database offer?

Twenty years of U.S. and Canadian public company financial statement data and monthly closing stock prices.

Quarterly and annual income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements.


Compustat reconfigures some of the data for enhanced consistency and transparency, so that Compustat data do not always match as-reported data in SEC filings and corporate reports.


Research Insight has a Windows desktop application as well as a direct link via Excel (the Excel link option offers customized reporting applications) .


Use screening to create a list of companies by defined criteria as well as pulling up data in pre-formatted or custom reports covering multiple companies at a point in time or data items for a single company over time .

    The objective of this workshop is to introduce you to Standard & Poor's Compustat and to provide an overview of the Compustat workflow process. The workshop will address several topics , mainly :

Installing Research Insight (Compustat)
Installing Research Insight Add-ins in Microsoft Excel
The Income Statement
The Balance Sheet
The Comparative Reports
The Industry Financial Ratios


Who should attend?


Students who are taking Fin295 “ Managerial Finance” this semester and have a project assignment are highly encouraged to attend this workshop.