FMA National Honor Society

What is FMA - Financial Management Association?           

FMA is a professional organization of financial executives, analysts, professors, and students who live and work in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Hong Kong, London, Montreal - in fact, all around the world. FMA is the ONLY organization that has been successful in bringing together students, professors, and professionals for their mutual benefit. Membership in FMA establishes you as an integral part of a growing network of finance practitioners. 

Know What the FMA National Honor Society (FMA NHS) Stands For! 

The FMA National Honor Society is the only international honor society strictly for students of finance. The purpose of the FMA National Honor Society is to acknowledge outstanding finance students and give them a way to show their superiority. FMA has been honoring finance students since 1974 and upholds high qualification standards for entry. The FMA NHS provides a way to recognize the best finance students for academic achievement. This honor helps set them apart from other students when pursuing their career.   


Through the FMA NHS, students who meet the requirements for membership are recognized for their academic achievement with: 

  • FMA National Honor Society Certificate
  • FMA National Honor Society lapel pin
  • Recognition on FMA’s student chapter website as a National Honor Society inductee
  •  Careers in Finance book
  • One year subscription to the Financial Management Forum
  • One year subscription to the Journal of Applied Finance
  • Electronic student membership in the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII).
  • Membership card with a password for access to additional benefits at FMA’s student chapter  website ( click on “students”)