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  • Small Business Backs Gov. Rell's Call for Tax Freeze
    "The resounding 'Amen' echoing throughout Connecticut this afternoon was the chorus of small business owners reacting to Governor Rell's commitment to fight efforts to raise taxes. While the situation in Hartford is dire, the climate on Main Street is no less ominous -- and small business owners are in no position to bail out the big spenders demanding a transfusion of tax dollars to shore up a budget that's drowning in red ink."

  • February/March 2009 Connecticut MyVOICE
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  • NFIB/Connecticut Capitol Report -- Jan. 28, 2009
    Both the Senate and House recently voted for a budget-cutting package that reduces the state deficit for this year by $124 million. While the measure was criticized by Republicans as not going far enough to address the state's looming state deficit -- projected at nearly $1 billion for the current fiscal year -- Gov. Rell said that she would sign the package.

  • Cell Phone/Texting While Driving: More States Considering Bans
    As a small business owner, you probably run your business well outside of an 8-to-5 workday. You work at your desk, at your dining room table, and probably even in your car. But legislatures all over the country are considering a ban on handheld cell phones while driving, which might make working on the road more difficult for you.

  • NFIB/Connecticut Capitol Report -- Jan. 12, 2009
    Last week, Gov. Jodi Rell delivered her State of the State address to the Connecticut General Assembly to kick off the start of the 2009 Legislative Session. The governor's speech set a somber tone for the 2009 legislative session and gave lawmakers and residents a preview of what is to come over the next six months. The governor will speak to the entire legislature once again in February when she will propose her state budget recommendations for the next two fiscal years.

  • NFIB/Connecticut Capitol Report -- Jan. 6, 2009
    Despite a formal request by Gov. M. Jodi Rell, the Legislature's Democratic majority decided not to convene a lame-duck special legislative session on Jan 2, five days before the new Legislature takes office and the start of the 2009 regular session, to once again deal with the mounting state budget deficit However, it was announced that Jan. 14 will be set aside as a session day for the new Legislature to immediately deal with further deficit mitigation measures.

  • SBA 2008 State Small Business Profile: Connecticut
    Small businesses continue to be an important source of economic strength both nationally and in Connecticut -- half of all private employment in the U.S. stems from small firms with 500 or fewer employees. The U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy has compiled the 2008 Small Business Profile for Connecticut to document the contributions of small, minority- and woman-owned businesses.

  • 2008 NFIB SAFE-Trust Endorsed Candidates: Election Results and Highlights
    NFIB worked throughout the 2008 election cycle to highlight the power of the small business voting bloc and the consequences that the elections would have for the future of all small businesses. Endorsements were made in 237 federal races and NFIB was involved in several key races.

  • December/January 2009 Connecticut MyVOICE
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  • NFIB/Connecticut Capitol Report -- Nov. 21, 2008
    At the request of Gov. Jodi Rell, both the state House and Senate are scheduled to convene in special session to address the state's mounting fiscal crisis. Starting at 10 a.m. on Monday, the General Assembly will meet and is expected to approve Gov. Rell's $302 million deficit mitigation plan, which includes a series of spending cuts, a tax amnesty program and a seizure of unclaimed bottle deposit revenue by the state.

  • NFIB/Connecticut Capitol Report -- Nov. 12, 2008
    In the state Senate, there will be five new faces when the General Assembly reconvenes in 2009. Incumbent Robert Russo was defeated by challenger Anthony Musto. All four open seats in the Senate, however, were retained by Republicans.

  • Vote Your State Member Ballot
    Be Heard! Vote your 2009 Member Ballot to help NFIB determine our positions on the issues most important to you as a small business owner.

  • Meet Your New Congress
    As the nation waits to find out the official roster for its next Congress, NFIB is gearing up to collaborate with a fresh group on critical small business issues left unresolved by the 110th Congress. Healthcare, taxes and labor issues are all expected to be tackled in the coming term, and NFIB is prepared to make sure the voice of small business is heard loud and clear.

  • NFIB Guardian of Small Business Awards in Connecticut - 110th Congress
    The National Federation of Independent Business, the nation's leading small-business advocacy group, presented its Guardian of Small Business Awards to members of the U.S. Congress recently.

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